Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BenchVue 3.0 is here!

Keysight is proud to announce the release of BenchVue 3.0. Here's what's new:
  • Test Flow: This is a major new feature to allow sequencing. Watch the quick video that will pop up when you start Test Flow which will give you the basics. (If it doesn’t, use the gear icon in the Test Flow window, lower right corner, to start it.) Test Flow is our first “for pay only” app – that is, there is no basic version, and it is a subscription-based license - $300/yr. There is a 90-day free trial with limited functionality. You can do direct SCPI control of non-supported instruments and call external programs in this app too.

  • More instruments supported:
  • All current network analyzer models
  • 34420A DMM
  • B29xx, E3610xA power supplies and Source/Measure Units
  • Wavegen feature on scopes that have this option
  • DMM. There’s a major new enhancement in control of the DMM as a digitizer to give you more flexibility in how the instrument is triggered and how samples are captured. It now has its own tab, not a radio button inside the Data Logger tab. There’s also a “live” mode that allows you to see readings without having to enable datalogging first. And we’ve made the digital display look more like the reading on the DMM front panel, with appropriate digits of resolution. Note - the digitizer option requires use of the DMM Pro App.
  • Smaller download size. We made it possible to download and install apps only when needed. This will also make it possible in the future for us to add new apps (or add features to existing ones) without having to make you download the entire program. The most common apps (DMM, FG, PS, Scope) are included in the initial download.
  • Apps tab. There’s a lot more detail here. It is grouped into installed apps (on the left) and uninstalled apps (on the right). 
Download BenchVue 3.0 here: download

In addition we have several new videos published on Youtube:
Click here for the BenchVue Playlist (includes all BenchVue videos)
Click here for the BenchVue Test Flow Playlist (Test Flow related videos)


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