Tuesday, December 30, 2014

BenchVue 2 Released

The second major release of BenchVue features expanded data logging capabilities and ability to work with new types of instruments such as data acquisition units and power sensors. The new release also features easier, faster connectivity, allowing users to get up and running nearly instantaneously. These features, coupled with BenchVue's existing functionality, are further reinventing bench testing by providing engineers and technicians easier viewing, logging and exporting of measurement data, while also greatly accelerating common testing tasks.

Here are BenchVue's major features:

  • Simple point and click interface:  log data, capture screen images, save and recall system state, export data in desired format (MATLAB, CSV, Excel, Word)
  • Visualize one, two or four instruments simultaneously, "pop out" others and display them separately
  • Simplified instrument discovery and connectivity to LAN, USB, GPIB and Serial interfaces
  • Monitor and control your bench from mobile devices (iOS and Android platforms)
  • Quickly access manuals, drivers, FAQs and videos
  • Multiple language support (English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified-Chinese)
  • No programming!

New features in BenchVue 2

      Added “Apps” tab. This tab provides a way to enable 30-day free trials on the new “Pro” applications (DMM, Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Power Supply, Data Acquisition) and to view information about how to obtain and install licenses. Apps can also be launched from this tab.

Added features to Oscilloscope Base App:
Instrument controls (Analog Channel Control:  On/Off, scale and offset, Main Time base, Trigger Control: Source, Slope, Level), Display of selected measurements, Measurement logging < 1 hour, Exporting

Added features to Spectrum Analyzer Base App:
Additional instrument controls (Start/Stop/Center/Span, 0-Span, RBW, VBW, Ref Level, Attenuation, Scale Type [Log/Lin], Sweep Time, Nr. of Points), Trace data logging < 1 hour, Screen shot logging < 1 hour, Exporting

Added new Data Acquisition (DAQ) Base App:
Measurement and scan list configuration, Computed channels and alarms, Support of multiple DAQs, start/stop individually or All Data collection (< 8 hour logging), Basic datalog chart of channel data, Visualization and annotation, charting gadgets, Screen shots, Save/recall instrument state or bench state, Exporting

Added new Power Meter Base App:
Multi USB sensors in single App, Droop measurement, FDO Table, S-Parameters & Gamma correction, Different representation of data (digital, analog, strip chart, trace chart, multi-list, etc.), Measurement value logging, Trace logging (selected models), Basic and advanced pulse measurements, Many different types of markers (point, line, dual, gate), 100% coverage of instrument control, Screen shots, Save/recall instrument state or bench state, Exporting

Added support for additional instruments:

o   N6900, N7900 Series Advanced Power System

o   34970A, 34972A Data Acquisition

o   U2021XA, U2022XA USB Power sensors

Added Pro Versions (for-pay license required) of six instrument classes. New features of each app are:

o   DMM Pro: Advanced measurement logging, >1 hour logging, Limits/alerts, Histograms, Capture digitized records (34410A, 34411A, 34460A, 34461A)

o   Function Generator Pro: Built-in access to Keysight Waveform Builder Pro Software. Existing licenses and data files for Waveform Builder Pro are automatically transferred.

o   Power Supply Pro: Advanced measurement logging, >1 hour logging, Status/alerts

o   Oscilloscope Pro: Unrestricted measurement logging, >1 hour logging, Limit checking and alerts

o   Spectrum Analyzer Pro: Trace data logging, > 1 hour logging, Screen shot logging > 1 hour, Viewing function, Deep Memory capture

o   DAQ Pro: Data logging >8 hours

Added BenchVue Mobile support for spectrum analyzers and function generators

Added support for Connection Expert 17.0.
Since CE 17.0 does constant instrument discovery, the refresh icon is not needed to discover new instruments, but will force a refresh if clicked. Note that automatic LAN discovery is also now supported, which can take a noticeable time if there are a lot of instruments on the subnet. CE 16.3 can continue to be used if desired.

Download BenchVue today at http://www.keysight.com/find/benchvue.