Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Simplify Data Capture with BenchVue Software

This post is an introduction to Agilent's BenchVue software for your PC and mobile device. BenchVue is a no cost software that accelerates your testing by providing intuitive, multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture with no programming. BenchVue allows you to derive measurement answers faster than ever by providing a platform for you to easily view, capture and export measurement data and screen shots.  The integrated library feature in BenchVue includes access to manuals, FAQs, videos, and more—enabling you to expand your measurement knowledge and reduce test setup time. The BenchVue Mobile app for Android and iOS let's you monitor and respond to long-running tests from anywhere. 

If you are familiar with Agilent's Intiulink software, BenchVue can be summed up as a modern replacement with even more capability. BenchVue supports over 150 instruments and that list is continually growing. As of the date of this post BenchVue supports the following instrument classes: oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, DMMs, power supplies, and function / arbitrary waveform generators. BenchVue offers data logging and strip charts for your DMMs and power supplies, screen capture with annotation and trace data with preview charts for your oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers, and waveform select and output control for your function generators.  You can even control and push data across instruments with the ability to drag and drop waveforms between your oscilloscope and function generator. All this at no cost! Below is a short overview video of BenchVue and below that you will find links to download BenchVue.


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