Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The New Advanced Power System: Designed to Overcome Your Toughest Power Test Challenges

Agilent's new Advanced Power System (APS) 1 kW and 2 kW system power supplies deliver a new level of power supply performance. The Advanced Power System (APS) family was designed with VersaPower architecture to help you overcome your toughest power test challenges by delivering industry-leading specifications and innovative features in an integrated solution for today’s advanced ATE power testing needs.

The APS's VersaPower architecture delivers the fastest, most accurate, integrated power system

  • Accelerate test-system throughput with industry-leading speed
  • Capture your DUT’s current profile with accurate measurements
  • Reduce your ATE development time and cost with highly integrated capabilities

Get lots of power in a small test-system footprint 
Two power ranges deliver a large amount of power in a small test-system footprint:
  • 1 kW models have a 1U full-rack footprint
  • 2 kW models have a 2U full-rack footprint
  • Built-in paralleling capability up to 10kW
1 kW version with 1U full-rack footprint
2 kW version with 2U full-rack footprint
Choose the right APS performance class to meet your needs
  • N6900 Series DC Power Supplies: Designed for ATE applications where high performance is critical
  • N7900 Series Dynamic DC Power Supplies: Designed for ATE applications where high-speed dynamic sourcing and measurement is needed
Designed to help you overcome your toughest power related test challenges
To design the APS our product planner met with over 200 engineers all over the globe. These engineers shared with us their toughest power related test challenges and we specifically designed the APS product family to help engineers overcome the 9 most common power related test challenges. Below is a list of 4 out of the 9 test challenge the APS was designed to help you overcome. If you click on the title it will take you to a webpage with further information on the test challenge such as a video, application note, and more. At the end of this post you can find a link to a list of all 9 of the test challenges.

ThroughputIncreasing test system throughput: Reducing test time can mean big savings, so achieving throughput gains is a never-ending quest.

Source Sink
Building a continuous source and load: You need a continuous source and load solution for testing power storage DUTs.

Protecting against power-related damage: When testing expensive DUTs, designing protection from power damage in the test system is critical.

dynamic current
Characterizing dynamic current profiles: Your DUT has a current profile with a large dynamic range that you need to characterize.

Choose the APS model with the voltage and current you need
Both the N6900 Series DC power supplies and the N7900 Series dynamic DC power supplies provide five voltage and current combinations at the 1 kW power range and seven voltage and current combinations at the 2 kW power range.

For more information on the APS and the test challenges it can help you overcome see the links below. If you have any questions related to this post feel free to email me.

Power related test challenges the APS can help you overcome:

Advanced Power System product page:


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