Monday, July 2, 2012

On Demand Webcast: Simulating Power Transients and Noise

Recently I delivered a webcast entitled "Simulating Power Transients and Noise." The webcast was recorded and is now available on demand. Below is an abstract on webcast, followed by the link to access it. The content is focused on the aerospace defense industry, but is applicable to various industries such as wireless and automotive.

DC powered Shipboard, ground vehicle, aircraft, and space bound electronic circuits and assemblies employ a robust input power supply design to withstand non-ideal input power states. These non-ideal states arise from operating conditions such as large load changes on the main power source, harsh operating environments, and sudden switches from one main power source to another. These non-ideal states take the form of transients on the DC supply level or as noise signals coupled onto the DC supply level. During design these non-ideal power supply states must be simulated to test the input power supply design’s robustness against these conditions.

In this webcast we will look how easy it is to create arbitrary power waveforms on modern programmable power supplies for simulating supply transients and noise. We will also look at the technology hurdles that limit the arbitrary waveform bandwidth on modern supplies. Finally we will look at low cost methods for simulating fast power supply transients and high frequency noise beyond the bandwidth limitations of modern power supplies.

Access Webcast: Simulating Power Transients and Noise


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