Monday, June 11, 2012

Configuring a Split Rail Power Supply

In this post we will look at creating a split rail power supply that provides both a positive and negative voltage output. This is a trivial task if you have a multiple output power supply that has a negative output lead. This task becomes more challenging when all you have at your bench is single quadrant power supplies that can only output positive voltage and positive current.

This challenge of creating a split rail supply can be overcome by combining two single quadrant supplies in series. If we call the supply that creates the negative supply voltage V1 and the supply that creates the positive voltage V2, the high lead of V1 will be connected to the low lead of V2. This forms the common or "rail" node of the supplies, which can be tied to ground or to the common of the DUT. The simple split rail power supply setup can be seen in the figure below.

Note that the high lead of V2 is then connected to the positive supply input of the DUT and the low lead of V1 is connected to the negative supply input of the DUT. Lets look at an example where we want to create a split rail supply with a 15 V output and a -15 V output. both outputs were connected to a DMM and the resulting measurements can be seen in the figure below.

Note that the common or low leads on both DMMs are at the same potential. When implementing this setup be sure that the low lead of the negative voltage supply (V1 in the first figure) is not tied to ground. Additional supply outputs, either positive or negative, can be easily added. This is done by either tying the additional power supply low lead, in the case of a positive output, or high lead, in the case of a negative output to the rail node.

In this post we looked at how to configure two single quadrant power supplies to power a DUT that requires a split rail power supply. If you have questions please shot me an email and if you have any personal insights to add to this post please use the comments section below.


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  3. If each rail's current is spec'd individually, then they only supply that spec'd current. You could connect the rails in parallel for higher current, but you would first want to check the power supply's data sheet to ensure it supports paralleling.

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