Monday, January 16, 2012

Using the Power of the Cloud in Test and Measurement

Recently an article I wrote entitled "Using the Power of the Cloud in Test and Measurement" was published online by Wireless Design and Development. Below is the first couple paragraphs of the article to read and if you are interested in it follow the link at the bottom to read it in its entirety.

"The cloud" continues to become more and more pervasive in our everyday business and personal lives. Many people today use the cloud and do not even realize it. Gmail and Facebook, for example, are cloud-based services. The cloud, more formally known as cloud computing, refers to software, computation, and data storage/retrieval services, which from a user's perspective, happen somewhere out in the ether. Users don't need to know where the services are homed or how the services are provided.

The cloud model offers several benefits: We no longer have to worry about storage space or processing power because the cloud adjusts dynamically to satisfy these needs. Also, we can be confident that data is securely and safely backed up by the cloud service provider. But best of all, the cloud provides us with ubiquitous access to our data with devices like PCs, smart phones, and tablet computers. In this article, we will discuss how we can use the cloud to access test data and test system resources from anywhere, at any time.

In our global society, product design rarely moves from the drawing board to the manufacturing floor in the same geographical location. It is common for a product's hardware design to be developed in one country, its software design to be created in a second country, and its manufacturing to be completed in a third country. For this model to work well, team leaders often try to create a process that provides geographically separated team members real-time remote access to product test data, testing resources, and the ability to modify test system routines. If they are successful, they can avoid product delays and save money on test equipment. The cloud is a powerful tool for enabling this process.


  1. Hi Neil, good stuff.
    I'm a big fan of this topic, so thanks for writing this post.
    Dropbox is a great tool but I think it is not the best one to share test data. I would rather go with a more industrial data management package like DynaWorks. DynaWorks is a unique package to provide test and simulation focused data management, processing and reporting. It's widely used in the aeronautic and space community to manage, process and share test results through a secure connection.
    I know some companies that used the Agilent hardware for thermal testing and send the measurement over to a centralized DynaWorks database. In some case the database is not located on the test site, so the final user or the other partners access it remotely through a VPN connection.
    But DynaWorks applications are not limited to thermal.
    If somebody needs more info about DynaWorks, feel free to contact me at


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