Monday, January 23, 2012

Agilent Releases Seven High-Power Modules for the N6700 Modular Power System

Last week Agilent released 7 new high-power modules for the popular N6700 modular power system (optimized for system use) and the N6705B DC Power Analyzer (optimized for benchtop use). Three of the new  modules offer output power up to 300 W and the other four up to 500 W. The new modules bring the grand total of modules available for the N6700 / N6705 family up to 34, ranging from 18 to 500 W.

The new modules include advanced features such as:

  • Fast output changes (0 to 50 V in less than 2 ms)
  • Autoranging output capabilities 
  • Built-in voltage and current measurement digitizers (My personal favorite feature)
  • Optional polarity reversal relays
  • Power arbitrary waveform capabilities 
  • Active down programming capabilities
The N6705B and N6700 mainframes allow you to mix and match up to 4 modules per mainframe. The mainframes provide hardware timed output sequencing, at turn-on or turn-off, of the four power outputs. For larger channel needs, sequencing can be setup across multiple mainframes. Also the power outputs can be placed in series or parallel for increased power needs.

Below is a list of the new modules and their power, voltage, and current capabilities. For more information on each module, click on the model number to go to its product page.


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