Friday, December 9, 2011

Digitizing with a DMM

The following video demonstrates how to use one of Agilent's high performance DMMs as a low frequency digitizer and plot the result without writing any code. This can be useful in applications like DC to AC inverter distortion analysis. Where you want to capture the resulting AC voltage or current waveform from the inverter output to analyze its distortion in the time or frequency domain.

The video demonstrates collecting the measurement data from memory using the DMM's web interface and then transferring to Excel by cutting and pasting. Another easy way to do this without any code is by using Agilent's free Command Expert software. Command Expert allows you to create an Excel spreadsheet that will connect to the DMM, configure the measurement, execute the measurement, collect the measurement data, and plot it. Click here to check out my post on Command Expert.

Click here to go to the 34411A DMM product page


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