Monday, October 3, 2011

Plotting Tools Now Available for Displaying Measurement Data on Android Devices

Back in early September I blogged about how Agilent launched a webpage entitled "Smart Device Programming Tools and Examples for Instrument Control" that features IO programming tools for controlling LXI instruments with Android and iOS smart devices. The IO programming tools and accompanying example apps that demonstrate the use of the tools are all free to download (for more info on the IO tools click here). In this post I am happy to announce that last week programming tools for plotting and analyzing measurement data on Android devices were added to the webpage. The free plotting tools are called Agilent Android Plots or AAPlots for short. Below is a sample plot that was created using AAPlots on a Motorola Xoom:

AAPlots includes features like markers, pinch zoom, and touch panning. AAPlots includes the following chart types: XY line chart, scatter chart, stripline chart, histogram chart, area chart, and bar chart. 

Besides just AAPlots, the source code for four more Android example apps were added to the webpage, they are as follows:
  • AAPlotsDemo: This  app demonstrates the use of the AAPlots programming tools in detail
  • Example 34972A: This app demonstrates the use of AAIo and AAPlots on the 34972A DAQ / Switch Unit.
  • Example MSOX3054A: This app demonstrates the use of AAIo and AAPlots on the MSO-X 3054A Oscilloscope.
  • Example 53230A: This app demonstrates the use of AAIo and AAPlots on the 53230A Universal Counter.
The webpage includes an email link for sending sending comments, suggestions, and feedback on the iOS and Android instrument control programming tools.