Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Agilent Releases New Mobile Device and Battery Test Solution

Today (June 15th 2011) Agilent release the new N6783A which is available in two versions:
  • N6783A-BAT: designed for charge and discharge testing of mobile device batteries. 
  • N6783A-MFG: designed for mobile device manufacturing to simulate the battery and characterize the mobile device’s current draw. 
The N6783A-BAT and N6783A-MFG modules are made for the N6700B Modular Power System mainframe and N6705B DC Power Analyzer mainframe. The N6700B is optimized for system test with a 1U full rack size. N6705B is optimized for bench-top use with all controls accessible from the front panel and a scope like display for analyzing digitized current and voltage measurements. Here is a closer look at the N6783A-BAT and N6783A-MFG modules.

The N6783A-BAT is a building block for handheld device battery testing:

  • Basic programmable electronic load for discharging batteries.
  • Basic programmable power supply for charging batteries.
  • Built-in digitizing measurement system.
  • Suitable for battery validation and conditioning.
  • Complimentary, low-cost alternative to the N6781A for battery cycling only.
  • For more info on the N6781A check out the June 27th 2010 post.
  • 8 V max with the ability to source 3 A of current (charge) and sink 2 A of current (discharge), see figure below

The N6783A-MFG mobile device test solution for manufacturing. This solution is equivalent to Agilent’s 66300 family of mobile comms power supplies but is in a modular form for the N6700B and N6705B platforms. Here are some of its features:
  • Excellent voltage transient response, < 75 mV of droop, < 45 µs response time in response to 0.15A / µs transients.
  • Built-in digitizer for fast, accurate, flexible measurements that are customizable to the level of speed and accuracy desired.
  • 18 W of power, voltage 6 V, and Current at -2 A, 0 to 3 A.
Since the N6783A-BAT and N6783A-MFG are modular you can mix and match them with any of the over 20 power modules available for the N6700B and N6705B mainframes.