Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Agilent Introduces 4-Quadrant SMU Family

The Agilent B2900A Series of Precision Source/Measure Units are compact and cost-effective bench-top Source/Measure Units (SMUs) with the capability to output and measure both voltage and current. An SMU combines the capabilities of a current source, a voltage source, a current meter and a voltage meter along with the capability to switch easily between these various functions into a single instrument. The Agilent B2900A series of SMUs provide best-in-class performance at a lower price than ever before. They have broad voltage (210 V) and current (3 ADC and 10.5 A pulsed) sourcing capability, excellent precision (minimum 10 fA/100 nV sourcing and measuring resolution ) and high measurement throughput. They also support an arbitrary waveform generation function.
The Agilent B2900A series consists of four models, the B2901A, B2902A, B2911A and B2912A, differentiated through their available features (number of digits displayed, measurement resolution, minimum timing interval, supported viewing modes, etc.) and by the number of SMU channels (one or two) they contain. I haven't personally had the chance to test drive the B2900A yet so I can not provide any personal experiences in this new product overview. I have heard good things so far and hopefully I will be able to try them out in the near future. Below is list of key features:
  • Integrated voltage/current 4-quadrant precision source and measurement capabilities for easy and accurate I/V measurement
  • Wide coverage up to 210 V, 3 A DC/10.5 A pulse
  • 10 fA/100 nV minimum measurement resolution (6½ digits)
  • 10 fA/100 nV minimum sourcing resolution (6½ digits)
  • The 4.3” front panel color display supports both graphical and numerical view modes
  • High resolution arbitrary waveform generation (AWG) and list sweep functions (10 μs minimum interval)
  • High speed digitizing capability (maximum 100000 points/s sample rate)
  • Free application software to facilitate PC -based instrument control
  • IVI-COM drivers, and SCPI supporting conventional SMU command set for basic compatibility
  • LXI class C, USB2.0, GPIB, LAN and digital I/O interface


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