Monday, April 18, 2011

53131A, 53132A, and 53181A Universal Counter Discontinuance Announcement

Today (April 18th 2011) Agilent is announcing the discontinuance of the popular 53131A, 53132A, and 53181A universal counters. A custom component used in this counter family is no longer available and is forcing this unplanned product discontinuance. The last order date for this counter family is November 1, 2011, subject to availability.

Compatible replacements exist. The new 53200 Series of Counters are functional equivalents to the previous generation counter family with vastly improved performance, features, and usability. They include “53100 Emulation Mode” enabling 53100 Series Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI).

The 53200 Series Counters provide more speed, resolution and accuracy at the same price or better. Features of the 53200 series include:
  • 350 MHz standard inputs, with timing resolution down to 20 ps (up to 12 digits of resolution on 1 second gate time)
  • Up to 75,000 frequency measurements per second 
  • Large color graphical display for data logging, trending, histograms and more 
  •  LXI/LAN, USB and GPIB connectivity
  • Gap-free measurements for modulation domain analysis and true Allan Variance / Deviation calculations (53230A only)
  • Optional pulsed RF measurement capability (53230A only)
You can also read the Agilent RF & Universal Frequency Counter/Timers Programming Comparison Guide for a list of those areas where 531xxA Series users might find differences in operation when using a 53200 Series counter. These differences are few, but documented in order to make it easier to verify programs.

When 531xxA Series compatibility mode is selected, all programming is performed through one of the 53200 Series’ remote interface (LAN, USB, GPIB). The counter display responds according to the remote commands received. Pressing any front panel key while in 531xxA Series compatibility mode returns the counter to 53200 Series mode as prompted.


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