Monday, October 4, 2010

Agilent Introduces 4-Quadrant General Purpose SMU

Today Agilent introduced a 4-Quadrant General Purpose SMU known as the N6784A. The N6784A is a plug-in module for Agilent's popular N6705B DC Power Analyzer and N6700B Modular Power System. The N6705B mainframe is optimized for bench-top use and the N6700B mainframe is optimized for system use. It is the first 4-quadrant module for these platforms. Features and capabilities include:

  • Two output ranges: +/-20V +/-1A or +/-6V +/-3A
  • Glitch-free operation – change sourcing ranges or measurement ranges without any glitches
  • Four current programming ranges – precisely source current down to μA
  • Stable operation with capacitive loads up to 150 μF
  • High-speed output can slew at 10 V per μs into a resistive load
  • Fast modulation of DC output – create arbitrary waveforms up to 100 kHz (sine) into a resistive load
  • High-speed digitized measurements – capture/view the power consumption of the DUT up to every 5 μs with built-in 200 kHz digitizer
I am a big fan of its emulation modes which improve usability by instantly configuring the SMU for the most common use cases. When one of the emulation modes is selected, the SMU optimizes all of its features and settings for that particular use case. Emulation modes:

  • 4-quadrant power supply
  • 2-quadrant power supply
  • Unipolar power supply (i.e. 1-quadrant)
  • CC load
  • CV load
  • Voltage measure (i.e. voltmeter mode)
  • Current measure (i.e. ammeter mode)