Friday, August 6, 2010

Capturing, Transferring, and Manipulating Arbitrary Waveforms on the 33521A and 33522A

Back on my Aug 1st post I mentioned one of my favorite things about Agilent’s new 3352xA family of 30 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators is how easy it is to create and manipulate waveforms. In this post I will build on that statement. Let’s say you have a digital or analog waveform that you want to recreate on the 33521A or 33522A. All you need to do this is a USB thumb drive and a scope that can save signals in a .csv file, like Agilent’s 7000B series of scopes. In the past this required a computer, connecting both instruments to the computer, and special software. Not anymore! Below is a link to a video that shows how quick and easy it is to transfer a waveform from a scope to the 33521A or 33522A.

33500 Series Scope Capture and Transfer

Now that we have our arbitrary waveform on our 33521A or 33522A we may want to manipulate it to test the fault tolerance or noise immunity of a DUT. We can easily manipulate an arb using the built-in waveform editor as shown in the following video.

33500 Series Scope Waveform Edit

Besides just using the waveform editor we can also manipulate our waveform using different modulation schemes. For instance you could use the “Sum” feature under the modulation menu to add Gaussian noise or a simple sine wave to simulate power line noise to the signal. Hopefully I will get to more on the “Sum” feature in a later post.


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