Sunday, August 1, 2010

Agilent's New Family of 30 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators: single channel 33521A and dual channel 33522A

Today August 1st Agilent is introducing its new family of 30 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators. There is a one and two channel version, the 33521A is the one channel and the 33522A is the two channel version. They really raise the bar in the function / arbitrary waveform generator instrument class and here is a quick run down of some of their key features:
- 30 MHz sine, square, and pulse bandwidth
- 250 MSa/s 16 bit true point-by-point arbitrary waveform generation
- Dual-channel mode with independent or coupled channels
- 1 MSa waveform memory standard, 16 MSa memory (optional)
- Arbitrary waveform sequencing capability
- < 40 ps jitter and less than .04% total harmonic distortion
- All the standard modulation capability you would expect plus waveform summing

I have been biting my tongue waiting to blog about this awesome product family! Over the last couple months I have had the privilege to use and test the 3352xA family since its early days as a prototype. One thing I love about the 3352xA family is how easy it is to create complex waveforms. First off there is the 250 MSa/s 16 bit arb with 1 Msa memory standard to create complex arbs. Besides that there is a long list of other features that allow you to create and manipulate waveforms. I am not going to get into them here but I will in future posts.

Besides being rich in features, the 3352xA is just a 'sexy' fun instrument to use. It was comparable to my first computer or smartphone where I just couldn't take my hands off of it and had to explore and test every feature. It comes with a large, color, graphical display and has a hardkey / softkey setup (like a scope) that makes it easy to navigate its many features. Now the case could be made that I am a little bias since I work for Agilent so I encourage you to check it out yourself by following the link below or contacting your Agilent rep.

Agilent's new 3352xA line of 30 MHz function / arbitrary waveform generator


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